DAPHNE MAXWELL REID has written a mini-memoir dressed as a ring-bound cookbook called Grace, Soul & Motherwit. Beginning with family photos of growing up in New York City, all through her travels around the world while working on and off of television, this cookbook takes you through the basics of starting your own family memories centered around home cooked meals. Early chapters include setting up a kitchen, essential tools and supplies, basic cooking terms, how to set a formal table, and measurements & abbreviations. The recipes include sections for appetizers, soup, bread, poultry, seafood, red meat, side dishes, dessert, beverages and remedies.
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“Grace + Soul & Mother Wit” is a cookbook, but so much more. In a time whereby we move as 100 miles per hour we often lose the family bonding that comes through the cooking tradition. This book is one that can help families create new ways to bring everyone together through the art of cooking. The kitchen was once a place of learning, sharing, and the passing on of tradition. If you wanted to know what was going on in the family…just hang around the kitchen. This book is a great addition to the cookbooks in your kitchen as it offers wisdom on family in addition to some great recipes.

Christian Starr @ThyBlackMan.com